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Learn to play dra-nyen with Chondhen

Chondhen performing with dra-nyen
Chondhen was born in Sakya, Tibet, in March 1959, when China was taking over the country, and his parents brought him to India that same year.

From 1979, he taught traditional Tibetan Dance and Music, until he joined Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) in McLeod Ganj in 1985. There he completed a three-year diploma course in traditional Tibetan dance, music and Lhamo (play and opera). At TIPA Chondhen specialised in Dekar (Tibetan Jester) performance, and performed it in Japan. He has performed in India, Europe, and the United States, and taught in schools in India.

He is currently living in McLeod Ganj, tutoring in Tibetan dance, music, and opera for Tibetan students and also for enthusiasts from around the world.

About the dra-nyen

The Tibetan lute - dra-nyen

The dra-nyen (also spelled Damnyen), or Tibetan lute, with three double strings, is a popular instrument in central Tibet. A standard dra-nyen is slightly longer than a guitar.

It is made of wood and animal skin, with strings made from yak hair (now uses fishing line), and the round sound box is covered with a taut skin. The dra-nyen is played with a pick plucking the strings in the same way as a guitar, on a fretless neck.

The class

Monday to Friday from 12noon to 1pm at Lobsang’s Studio, behind Lungta Japanese Restaurant, Jogiwara Road. Rs 300 per session.



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