Advertise with us

Specifications for advertising on the website are below. All ads, listings, and events will be linked to your website or to your page on To advertise, design an advertisement, or to inquire, please contact us.

Advertisement page

You can have a page for your business on like this: (see a sample page). The page will use a template which will have a slide show of maximum five images, 600 pixels wide, at the top, and text for description and contact information below. We will make the images and update the page (up to 20 times a year).

A page will cost Rs 2,000 a month. Listing your ad page on a related will be charged separately.

Featured advertisement

The prominently “Featured” advertisement on right sidebar will be 250 x 250 pixels. This “Featured” space can be booked for only one month at a time, to allow others to be featured as well.

This “Featured” advertisement will cost Rs 4,000 a month.

Home page slideshow

This advertisement in the slide show at the bottom of the home page can be booked for three months at a time. This will have a size of 600 x 174 pixels.

The cost will be Rs 1,000 a month.

Upcoming events

Home page listing of upcoming events will cost Rs 500 per day.

Listings on pages on

A listing on a page such as Hotels, Restaurants, Courses will be charged a nominal fee of Rs 500 per month.